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About Us

We are a small anodising company specialising in cosmetic and commercial anodising for the surface treatment of engineered aluminium components.

Acorn Plating offers almost all colours in sulphuric anodising and a hard anodising service as well as a micro bead blasting service.

In 2017, Steve Barry took over Acorn Plating Ltd from his Father who has since retired.  Since then we have been making some much needed updates and improvements, this website, a facebook page and a new company logo to name a few.

Steve Barry has been working for Acorn for over 20 years before his new role as MD so the transition wasn't as difficult as it could have been, and as he knows the industry, the switch meant that the running of the company could continue without interruption.


About MD Barefoot Steve

Those who know of Steve may know that he very rarely, or ever wears shoes... except when at work.  He can often be seen walking or running to or from work completely barefoot and often participates in various running events without footwear.

Now a lot of people will not understand this and probably think that it is weird or dangerous or even a bit disgusting, but he has some very good and valid reasons for living a barefoot lifestyle.

If you are interested then pop over to the FAQ page to find out why he hates shoes so much.

Aside from not liking shoes, Steve is an a keen motorcyclist and Ex -Racer and is also currently learning to Fly!

Steve is looking to race again in the MRO MiniTwin series in 2022 - 2023 so if you are interested in helping this happen by becoming a sponsor then please click the following link or visit the racing section of the site.

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